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Dedicated server services

Dedicated server hosting has been the top of hosting services for years. It shouldn’t be something new for you, so let’s do a quick revision of the basics and get straight to the big questions like how to get the best services.

What is a dedicated server hosting and do you really need one?

First things first, just a few words about a dedicated server itself. Simply put, it’s a computer, very much alike the one you use every day at home or at work. The main difference is that it’s designed to stay ON for days. Most times, it also looks weird, because it’s not supposed to be carried around and the heat it generates has to be driven away efficiently. Another distinctive feature – it has only specialized software running on board. Renting a dedicated server for hosting is one of the most popular services that hosting providers offer to customers. Here are few reasons for that: all the resources at your disposal – no neighbors to take a share and spoil the fun. That’s sometimes the case with shared web hosting and even virtual private servers, but not with dedicated servers; total security and control– set privileges, create users and keep intruders away. You get full administrative rights and range of tools to access and manage a host; no software limitations – install and fine tune the software you need for your project. No CRON or content limitations, as long as it complies with standard terms of services; upgrade it when you need to – as your project evolves and grows over time you can set up a new space for it easily. No need to move, backup and restore. Just order an upgrade, few clicks and you’re done.

How to choose the best dedicated server hosting?

Choosing between dedicated server hosting providers is not an easy deal. It appears to be so as quite a big number of factors are involved. Each hoster has something special to offer and it’s not always about pricing only. Let’s list the major clues on how to pick the best option for your online project: classy hardware – old junk is out of questions, because you don’t really want to save a dime today to lose a fortune tomorrow; uptime – the best hardware, as important as it can be, is not all it takes to keep your project constantly online. High uptime is a combination of the reliable data centers, network connections and operating personnel on premises; locations – now, when you’re online, it’s crucial that your users get the least latency possible. You don’t want them to wait a fraction of a second longer to download your web page. The solution you’re looking for is to pick the closest geographical location to your clients. It’s no brainer to look for a POP in the USA and not somewhere else if that’s where your interest is. customer support service – it’s always reassuring to have someone to watch your back in case of something happens out of the blue. Make sure that you won’t be left one on one with some technical issues, especially if it’s not what you’re good at. It’s a must have for most hosters nowadays to provide around-the-clock customer support, so go ahead and ask for it before you have made an order.

Let’s sum it all up. Take a closer look at all the details about the service you’re going to order. It’s often the case, that a cheap dedicated server hosting is not so cheap if you add all the hidden fees and it won’t be a great long term solution after all. Take your time, compare and make the right choice!

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