Dedicated servers

  • Atom C2750

    $ 47 /month
    • Cores: 8
    • ОЗУ: 4GB DDR3
    • Disk space: 250GB SATA
    • Backups: +
    • 24/7 SUPPORT
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  • Core i3-2120

    $ 57 /month
    • Cores: 2
    • ОЗУ: 8GB DDR3
    • Disk space: 500GB SATA
    • Backups: +
    • 24/7 SUPPORT
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  • Xeon E3-1230v2

    $ 57.99 /month
    • Cores: 4
    • ОЗУ: 16GB DDR3
    • Disk space: 1000GB SATA
    • Backups: +
    • 24/7 SUPPORT
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  • Xeon E5-2620

    $ 66.99 /month
    • Cores: 2х4
    • ОЗУ: 128GB DDR3
    • Disk space: 240 SSD
    • Backups: +
    • 24/7 SUPPORT
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Dedicated server services

Dedicated server hosting is a well-known service that speaks for itself. So we’ll put aside all the basics and get right to business. Let’s compare dedicated server to it’s closest contenders like virtual private server and cloud hosting.

 Dedicated servers hosting vs other hosting services

To get the whole picture we should probably include shared hosting into the consideration. But it’s not a real challenger and there is only one reason that comes to mind why you should try it – low price (or no price at all). So, if you just want to give it a try, the whole hosting thing, it might be ok, but if you know what you’re really after then probably it’s not worth it.

It’s commonly known how good dedicated servers are, so we’ll focus more on what opponents have on board instead. First, let’s find out what VPS has to offer:

  • cheaper – it’s not always the case actually, but normally virtual server with similar technical parameters has lower fees. Also, in some cases OS (e.g. Windows) will cost you less if you’re using VPS with an operating system installed by hoster;
  • management options – most VPS offers come with a free server control panel that allows you to run some basic tasks, e.g. re-installation of OS from a custom ISO;

Now, we’re going to take a closer look at cloud opposing to a dedicated server for hosting:

  • expandability – one of the most valuable features is that cloud hosting can dynamically respond to any change your online project is experiencing in every given moment. It allows you not to overpay for  resources that you don’t need right now and immediately step up if there is such a need;
  • reliability – there is no single point that can fail, i.e. there are more than just one server underlying your cloud. It means that you can exclude one of the servers at any time, but it won’t be crucial for a system as a whole.

The best dedicated server hosting – just a few hints to find one

The previous part wasn’t meant to talk you off renting a dedicated server. It’s obvious that both cloud and VPS hosting has its drawbacks as well — price and manageability for example, but that’s another story to tell. So, you just have to make a choice, as always. And if you still considering renting a server, take a look at some recommendations that we believe might make a difference.

  • hardware —  why bother to mention, it’s clear as a day that you should get the best that money can buy. And it’s true, as long as your budget can handle it. If every cent counts, and it should, you have to take a closer look at the hardware that’s offered to you by a hoster. Make sure that you’ll get enough resources for your project to run perfectly, but on the other hand, it’s fullish to overpay for something that you won’t use;
  • uptime – probably,  the most important parameter. The problem is it’s not so easy to find out that you’ll get exactly what hosting provider promises you. 99.9% uptime is a must nowadays, but is it really going to be the numbers? You can’t be one hundred percent sure before you’re in, but you do can make a little research, though. Read some trusted reviews about the company providing dedicated server hosting service, also, find some info about the data center in the location that you’re interested in. The more information you have, the better;
  • support – even if you’re a badass pro it still won’t do you any harm to get a timely second opinion regarding any occasional issue you may encounter along the way. Round-the-clock professional technical support is essential to every solid hosting company. Once again, ask around about it, just to be sure that you’ll get a decent fire support in case something goes wrong.

One last thing – don’t forget that there is always a reason for cheap dedicated server hosting to keep prices low. Don’t take ads for granted! Ask questions! Fight the power! Find your way! I guess you’ve got the picture, good luck!